About Us

Puccioni was founded in 1888 as a production company for fertilizers and for over 120 years it has confirmed its industrial vocation.

Over this long arc of time the company has developed a great technical experience in the formulation of fertilizers which has allowed them to respond, with a catalogue of professional products, to the increasing technical and commercial needs of an agriculture always more complex and specilized. The constant commitment of developing efficient nutritional products, the continuous improvement in quality and the professional competence of their workers, has allowed Puccioni to be top of the market for quality and productive capability, for logistic and range competence. Recently our production has been enriched with biostimulants, micronutrients and foliar fertilizers. In this way, Puccioni is set as global player in the world scenario of fertilizer producers.


The Puccioni fertilizers, granular, liquid and watersoluble, are always characterized by a high nutritional efficiency and are produced with the greatest care, in order that nutrients may always show the best benefit for the culture. For example, in granular formulates, the acid pH and the high sulfur content make easier the availability of phosphorus and microelements as well as they function as nutritionals.


The productive site covers an area of 110.000 square metres of which 35.000 are covered and comprises the production and packaging plant and the warehouses for the raw materials and the finished products, the coastal depots for sulphuric acid.